Consultative Committee
309 Behmler Hall
600 East 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267

LeAnn Dean

Consultative Committee


The Consultative Committee consists of nine voting members and one non-voting member.

  • Seven of the voting members shall be elected by the Campus Assembly
    • three faculty
    • three P&A staff
    • three USA staff
    • three students
    • Personnel holding the following titles are not eligible for membership:
      • chancellor
      • vice chancellor
      • associate vice chancellor
      • assistant vice chancellor
      • division chair

Each of the four constituencies elects its own representatives, in the spring or by special election in the event of a vacancy. Members are expected to represent their own constituencies but also act in the best interests of the entire campus community. Terms are for two years with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The committee elects its own chair.


The Consultative Committee has the following responsibilities:

Reflecting the balance of its composition, the Consultative Committee serves as a campus sounding board for those who wish to seek input or feedback on proposals or initiatives related to campus governance prior to submitting them to the Steering Committee or who wish to express or review concerns outside the scope of campus governance and/or receive recommendations concerning follow-up with appropriate campus offices or programs.

The committee may submit recommendations or proposals to the Steering Committee. All proposals or recommendations from the committee, regardless of whether or not they are submitted to the Steering Committee, must be issued in writing and are subject to the same disclosure policies that govern materials produced by other governance committees.

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Ted Pappenfus (1st term 2015-17)
  • Michelle Page (1st term 2016-18)
  • Ann DuHamel (1st term (2016-18)


  • Kelly Asche (1st term 2015-17)
  • Lori Kurpiers (2nd term 2016-18)
  • Angie Stangl (1st term 2016-18)


  • Brenda Boever (1st term 2015-17)
  • Jane Kill (1st term 2015-17)
  • Nancy Helsper (1st term 2016-17)


  • Noah Pilugin (1st term 2016-17)
  • Dean Doneen (1st term 2015-17)
  • Elsie Wilson (1st term 2015-16)

Committee Charge and Functions

  • The Consultative Committee engages with interested members of the campus and key stakeholders to improve campus decision making by providing a cross-campus perspective.
  • The Consultative Committee solicits and responds to regular communication with campus leadership to understand current priorities and programs.
  • The Consultative Committee engages with interested members of the campus and key stakeholders to understand how planned changes to personnel or programs may impact the campus community.
  • The Consultative Committee provides recommendations and planning services for new and evolving programs including, but not limited to, issues of campus governance when asked by interested members of the campus and key stakeholders to do so.
  • The Consultative Committee provides a confidential space for all members of the campus to discuss sensitive or difficult concerns about campus programs, policies or actions taken. In appropriate circumstances, the Consultative Committee will direct such concerns to relevant campus personnel or groups while preserving confidentiality.

The Consultative Committee invites communications from all areas of campus. Contact the chair(s) or any committee member to voice an issue or concern. Confidentiality is respected. As part of the consultative process, the committee may gather further information and solicit input from other relevant units and individuals as appropriate. There will be a follow-up process and responses communicated to those voicing the concern. The committee may forward issues to other campus governance entities as the members see fit and/or provide recommendations and suggestions as they deem necessary.