Planning Committee


The Planning Committee consists of thirteen members:

  • four faculty
  • one P&A staff
  • two USA staff
  • three students
  • and three ex officio, non-voting members
    • the vice chancellor for finance and facilities
    • the director of computing services
    • division chair


The Planning Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies and plans with long range implications for the development of the campus. The committee considers matters relating to institutional mission, organizational structure, marketing, fund development, energy policy, and the development and maintenance of physical facilities.

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Engin Sungur
  • Oscar Baldelomar
  • Brook Miller
  • Seung-Ho Joo


  • Mike Cihak


  • Sandy Kill
  • Jana Koehler


  • Rachel Evangelisto
  • Sam Gill
  • Austin Tipper

Ex officio

  • Bryan Herrmann
  • Gwen Rudney
  • Jim Hall