Student Affairs Committee


The Student Affairs Committee consists of eleven members:

  • three faculty members
  • one P&A staff
  • four students
  • one U.S.A. staff
  • and two ex officio non-voting members
    • the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or his/her designee
    • the Director of Student Activities


The Student Affairs Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policy for student activities and services, such as housing, health, food, athletics, financial aid, campus events, and student behavior. It has the power to grant recognition to student organizations and to approve their constitutions and by-laws, as well as to review and approve subsequent amendments. It provides for the enforcement of procedures and regulations to maintain appropriate standards of conduct within the student community. It develops and implements rules and procedures for all campus-wide student elections.

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Becca Gercken, chair
  • Barry McQuarrie
  • Cheryl Stewart


  • Jill Beauregard


  • Sheila Windingstad


  • Ashley Dial
  • Cory Schroeder
  • Carleigh Swanson
  • TBD

Ex officio

  • Sandy Olson-Loy
  • Dave Swenson