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Campus Governance

Morris functions both as a unique campus and as part of the University as a whole. Morris has a campus governance structure that includes an Assembly and various committees. All campus constituencies are represented, including faculty, students, P&A (professional and administrative staff), and the United Staff Association (U.S.A.) of civil service and bargaining unit employees. Members of the Morris campus community also participate in University-wide bodies such as the all-University Senate. Faculty, staff and students participate in both campus and all-University governance.

To learn more about governance on the Morris campus, please review the Constitution and By-Laws.


Minutes for each committee may be found on that committee’s page.

Historical Minutes for committees that were disbanded in May, 2019 are available in the Digital Well:

In addition to governance committees, the campus uses non-governance committees (i.e. task forces or workgroups) to carry out its responsibilities in a collaborative fashion.