Academic Support Services Committee


The Academic Support Services Committee consists of eleven members:

  • three faculty members
  • one P&A staff
  • two students
  • one USA staff
  • four ex officio, non-voting members
    • the director of the Briggs Library
    • the director of computing services
    • the director of instructional and media technologies
    • and the vice chancellor for finance and facilities or his/her designee


The Academic Support Services Committee considers and makes recommendations regarding academic support provided by the Briggs Library, Computing Services, and Instructional and Media Technologies. In addition, within the context of academic support, the committee studies issues and makes recommendations regarding the development and coordination of campus communication infrastructures and technologies. The committee also makes recommendations regarding classroom management.


  • Tisha Turk, chair (2014-17)
  • Chris Atkinson (1st term 2015-18)
  • Ed Brands (1st term 2016-19)


  • Lori Kurpiers (1st term 2016-19)


  • Pam Gades (1st term 2014-17)


  • Coco Millard (1st term 2016-17)
  • Jessye Rodgers (1st term 2016-17)


  • Mike Cihak (Director, Instructional & Media Technologies)
  • LeAnn Dean (Director, Briggs Library)
  • Matt Senger (Director, Information Technology)
  • Lisa Harris (Director, Facilities Management)