Annually Funded Student Group Online Budget Tool

What are Annual Allocations to Student Groups?

  • AFRC funds used to solidify funding for programs and activities happening during the next academic year.
  • Organizations requesting an annual operating budget allocation from AFRC must:
    1. Have consistent programming and a documented budget history going back at least three years. (Funding of activities during this period are usually reflected in past Assistance to Student Groups awards.)
    2. Anticipate needing more than $1,000 in funding assistance for the next academic year.
    3. Be willing to invest a great deal of time, energy, and preparation in long-range program planning, the budget request process, and ongoing budget management.

Accessing the Online Budget tool

  2. Log in (Use x500 and password)
  3. Select the organization you will be submitting the request for (you must be an officer in the organization to complete this process)
  4. Click the Manage Organization Button
  5. Select the Finance link from the drop down menu
  6. Select the Annual Budget Request

Using the Online Budget Tool

There are three primary tabs of information in your budget request. 

Request tab

The first tab is the "Request" tab and must be completed before you can access the other two tabs.

  • Select your Organization in the drop down menu below the heading “Request Owner.”
  • Title your request with your organization’s name and the academic year you are requesting funds for (not the current academic year)
  • Do not write anything in the Description box.  The next tab will ask more specific questions that the committee wants you to address.
  • Click the next button at the bottom of the page. 

Additional Information tab

Once you have completed the request tab, you can move back and forth between the Additional Information and Budget tabs.  You can also save your request and return to it later by clicking the “Finish Later” button on the bottom left of the screen. 

Answer all of the questions on the Additional Information tab.  The committee would appreciate it if you could keep your answers concise. 

Budget tab

Please construct your budget for the next year under the budget tab.  You will need to break your revenues, expenses and transfers down within the categories provided.  Help text is provided to help explain each of the categories.  You may have as many entries as you like with in any category.  The only category which has limits set on it is for Student Stipends.  Student groups may not exceed $8500 in stipends and no one individual can receive a stipend of less than $100 or more than $1700.

Note:  Please do not record an allocation from AFRC.  The Total of request at the top of the budget page is what the committee will look at as your request.  Once decisions have been made your request will be sent back to you with instructions on how to enter your AFRC allocation and balance your request to zero.

Download this helpful guide to the process: Annual Funding Guide