Chancellor Search Committee

Search Committee Appointed by University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler

•Peh Ng, Professor and Chair, Division of Science and Mathematics, Committee Chair
•Sarah Buchanan, Associate Professor, Division of Humanities
•Jennifer Deane, Professor, Division of Social Science
•Barry McQuarrie, Associate Professor, Division of Science and Mathematics
•Austin Tipper, Student
•Bernard Gulachek, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology, U of M, Twin Cities
•Jane Kill, Office Manager, Office of Student Counseling
•Hilda Ladner, Assistant to the Chancellor for Equity and Diversity
•Jason Lina, Attorney, Law Firm of Fluegel, Anderson, McLaughlin & Brutlag, Chartered, Morris, MN
•Susan Schmidgall, Chief Development Officer

Committee Staff

•Jon Steadland, Office of the President, University of Minnesota system
•Carrie Grussing, Office of the Chancellor