Curriculum Committee


The Curriculum Committee consists of seventeen members, including:

  • Four faculty
  • The four division chairs
  • One P&A staff
  • Four students
  • One USA staff
  • Three non-voting members
    • VCAA/dean, who chairs the committee
    • Registrar
    • Coordinator of the Commission on Women.


The Curriculum Committee develops, reviews, and recommends curricular policy. It deals with majors, minors, general education, the honors program, and all academic requirements. It oversees the body of courses offered at UMM and receives and considers all curriculum-related proposals.


  • Janet Ericksen, chair (Interim VCAA/Dean)
  • Adrienne Conley (Commission on Women)
  • Marcus Muller (Registrar)


  • Stephen Crabtree (2nd term 2017-20)
  • Denise Odello (1st term 2017-20)
  • Stephen Gross (1st term 2018-21)
  • Ben Narvaez (1st term 2018-21)


  • Simon Franco (1st term 2018–21)


  • Stephanie Ferrian (2nd term 2017-20)


  • John Barber (1st term 2019-20)
  • Julia Scovil (2nd term 2019-20)
  • Josh Westfield (1st term 2019-20)
  • Miah McNiff (1st term 2019-20)

Division Chairs

  • Gwen Rudney
  • Stacey Aronson
  • Peh Ng
  • Arne Kildegaard