Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee


The Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee consists of ten members:

  • four tenured or tenure-track faculty (one from each academic division)
  • one non-tenure track faculty
  • the UMM representative to the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs
  • two P&A staff members
  • one student


The Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee

  • develops, reviews and recommends policies and procedures that influence the professional and personal welfare of the faculty and the P&A staff
  • recommends improvements in the design and implementation of personnel policies, including such matters as tenure and promotion, workload, salary and benefits, and hiring and retirement alternatives
  • monitors any legislation and other policies affecting faculty and P&A staff welfare and procedures

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Julia Dabbs, co-chair (1st term 2015-18)
  • Gordon McIntosh (1st term 2015-18)
  • Kiel Harrell (1st term 2015-18)
  • Bibhu Panda (1st term 2014-17)
  • David Ericksen (1st term 2016-19, non-tenure track faculty)


  • Chlene Anderson, co-chair (1st term 2014-16)
  • Melissa Vangsness (1st term 2014-17)

Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs

  • Peh Ng


  • to be determined

Ex officio

  • Kerri Barnstuble (Commission on Women)