Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee


The Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee consists of nine members:

  • four tenured or tenure-track faculty (one from each academic division)
  • one non-tenure track faculty
  • the UMM representative to the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs
  • two P&A staff members
  • one non-voting member
    • the coordinator of the Commission on Women


The Faculty and P&A Affairs Committee develops, reviews and recommends policies and procedures that influence the professional and personal welfare of the faculty and the P&A staff. It recommends improvements in the design and implementation of personnel policies, including such matters as tenure and promotion, workload, salary and benefits, and hiring and retirement alternatives. It also monitors any legislation and other policies affecting faculty and P&A staff welfare and procedures.

UMM Faculty Salary Reports - Internal Use Only

These data are intended for the internal use of the requesting institution. Internal use includes posting on a secure institutional website that is not publicly viewable, and the transmission to employees and contractors of the institution for use in planning and decision-making. Commercial use of these data are strictly prohibited. Please do not publish or redistribute these data without permission of the AAUP Research Office. For questions of use, please contact the AAUP Research Office at aaupfcs@aaup.org.


  • Chlene Anderson, chair (1st term 2019-20)
  • Nick Skulan (1st term 2019-22)


  • Emily Bruce (1st term 2019-20)
  • Sara Lam (1st term 2018-21) Spring 2020 Leave
  • Ray Schultz (1st term 2018-21) Spring 2020 Leave
  • Kiel Harell (Spring 2020 Leave Replacement)
  • Stephen Deslauriers (1st term 2018-21)
  • Simon Tillier (1st term 2019-21, non-tenure track faculty)

Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs

  • Brad Deane


  • Sara Lam (Commission on Women)