Faculty Development Committee


The Faculty Development Committee consists of eight members:

  • three faculty members
  • one P&A staff
  • two students
  • one USA staff
  • one ex officio, non-voting member
    • a designee by the VCAA/dean


The Faculty Development Committee works with faculty, administrators, and students in exploring ways to provide faculty with resources for improving the quality of instruction, research, and service. Some of the projects we provide include planning and organizing the Fall Professional Development Day as well as administering the Faculty Enrichment Program and Faculty Time Release Funding.

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Tracy Otten, chair (1st term 2014-17)
  • Peter Dolan (1st term 2015-18)
  • Windy Roberts (Two year sabbatical replacement for Rebecca Dean)


  • Roger Wareham (1st term 2014-17)


  • Stephanie Ferrian (1st term 2015-18)


  • Michelle Brownlee (1st term 2016-17)
  • to be determined

Ex officio

  • Adele Lawler (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affaires designee)