Faculty Enrichment Program

The Faculty Enrichment Program fosters the professional development of tenure-line faculty by providing them with a senior mentor and providing a stipend for professional development purposes such as the purchase of professional books, journals, software, teaching aids, or attendance at professional meetings or conferences. Faculty mentors also receive a stipend.

The UMM Faculty Enrichment Program is aimed at assisting probationary tenure-track faculty in becoming fully integrated into UMM’s mission. The over 100 UMM faculty who have participated in this mentoring program have given strong testimony to its benefits.

One of the strengths of the program often mentioned by participating faculty is its flexible structure, encouraging the mentoring pairs to develop a plan of activities that meets individual needs. Within the general guidelines of the grant, the participants determine the goals of the mentor-mentee partnership and the procedures for meeting those goals.

Selection of mentees is made by the Faculty Development Committee and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean based on general criteria that are reflected in the information requested on the application form. Faculty chosen to participate in the program will select their own mentor in consultation with their division chair.

Previous Mentees/Mentors

FEP 2013-2014

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Nancy Carpenter Chemistry Rachel Gibbons Biology
Jessica Larson Studio Art Ann DuHamel Music
Roger Rose Political Science Bidhudutta Panda Economics

FEP 2011–2012

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Becca Gercken Associate Professor/English Denise Odello Assistant Professor/Music
Seung-Ho Joo Professor/Political Science Sheng Xiao Assistant Professor/Management

FEP 2010–2011

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Michael Lackey Associate Professor/English Daniel Demetriou Assistant Professor/Philosophy
Jennifer Rothchild Associate Professor/Sociology J. Brooks Jessup Instructor/History
Leslie Meek Professor/Psychology Roger Rose Associate Professor/Pol. Science

FEP 2009–2010

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Jennifer Deane Assistant Professor/History Rebecca Dean Assistant Prof./Anthropology
Arne Kildegaard Associate Professor/Economics Tom Gausman Instructor/Management
Stacey Aronson Associate Professor/Spanish Stephen Martin Assistant Prof./French
Michelle Page Associate Professor/Secondary Ed Heather Peters Assistant Prof./Psychology
Jenny Nellis Professor/Studio Art Tisha Turk Assistant Prof./English
Pareena Lawrence Professor/Economics Sheng Xiao Assistant Prof./Management

FEP 2008–2009

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Nancy Carpenter Professor/Chemistry Sylke Boyd Assistant Prof./Physics
Jennifer Rothchild Assistant Professor/Sociology Heather J. Peters Assistant Prof./Psychology
Joel Eisinger Associate Professor/Art History Mark Collier Assistant Prof./Philosophy
Engin Sungur Professor/Statistics Byungik Kahng Assistant Pro./Mathematics  
Brad Deane Assistant Professor/English Jimmy Schryver Assistant Prof./Art History
Tom Turner Professor/Spanish Martin Seggelke Assistant Prof./Music

FEP 2007–2008

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Leslie Meek Assoc. Prof./Psychology Sheri Breen Assist. Prof./Pol Sci
Gwen Rudney Prof.Elem.Education Hsing-Wen Hu Assistant Prof/Elementary Ed
Jim Togeas Professor/Chemistry Kristin Lamberty Instructor/Computer Science
Andy Lopez Professor/Computer Science Jinzhu Gau Assistant Professor/Computer Science
Tom Turner Professor/Spanish Martin Seggelke Assistant Professor/Music
Paula O’Loughlin Professor/Political Science Patrick Shorb Assistant Professor/History

FEP 2006-07

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Janet Ericksen Assoc. Prof/English Jennifer Deane Assistant Prof/History
Pete Wyckoff Assoc. Prof/Biology Jennifer Goodnough Assistant Prof/Chemistry
Sarah Buchanan Assoc. Professor/French Becca Gerken-Hawkins Assist.Prof/English
Nic McPhee Assoc. Prof./Computer Science Kristin Lamberty Instructor/Computer Science
Peh Ng Assoc. Prof/Mathematics Xiaosheng Li Assistant Prof/Mathematics
Pareena Lawrence Assoc.Prof/Econ & Mgmt Marynel Ryan Instructor/History

FEP 2005–2006

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Nancy Carpenter Assoc. Prof./Chemistry Xiosheng Li Assist. Prof./Mathematics
Donna Chollett Assoc. Prof./Anthropology Jacqueline Alvarez-Ogbesor Instructor/Spanish
Barry McQuarrie Assist. Prof./Mathematics Joe Alia Assist. Prof./Chemistry
Thomas Turner Associate Professor of Spanish Michael Eble Assist. Prof./Studio Art
Nic McPhee Assoc. Prof./Computer Science Elena Machkosova Assist. Prof./Computer Science

FEP 2004–2005

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Leslie Meek Assoc. Prof./Psychology Andrew Hostetler Assist. Prof./Psychology
Andy Lopez Prof./Computer Science Pam Solvie Instructor/Elem. Ed
Pieranna Garavaso Prof./Philosophy Siobhan Bremer Assist. Prof./Theatre Arts
Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain Assoc. Prof./Psychology Rujira Rojjanaprapayon Assist. Prof./Speech Communication
Paula O’Loughlin Assist. Prof./Political Science Jennifer Rothchild Assist. Prof/Sociology

FEP 2003–2004

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Janet Schrunk-Ericksen Assoc. Prof./English Bradley Deane Assist. Prof./English
Jon Anderson Assoc. Prof./Statistics Rob Faux Assist. Prof/Computer Science
Roland Guyotte Prof./History Julie Pelletier Assist. Prof./Anthropology
Cyrus Bina Prof./Econ/Mgmt Minh Vo Assist. Prof./Econ/Mgmt
Neil Leroux Assoc. Prof./Speech Communication Ray Schultz Assist. Prof./Theatre Art
Engin Sungur Prof./Statistics Jong-Min Kim Assist. Prof./Statistics

FEP 2002–2003

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Janet Schrunk-Ericksen Assoc. Prof./English Sarah Buchanan Assist. Prof./French
Pieranna Garavaso Prof./Philosophy Julia Dabbs Assist. Prof./Art History
Bart Finzel Assoc. Prof./Econ & Mgmt Arne Kiledegaard Assoc. Prof./Econ & Mgmt
Paula O’Loughlin Assoc. Prof./Political Science Gretchen Murphy Assist. Prof./English
Ishityaque Haji Prof./Philosophy Clifford Panton Assist. Prof./Music
Tom Turner Prof./Spanish Rujira Rojjanaprapayon Assist. Prof./Speech Communication
Jim Van Alstine Prof./Geology Peter Wyckoff Assist. Prof./Biology
Jon Anderson Assoc. Prof./Statistics Timna Wyckoff Assist. Prof./Biology

FEP 2001–2002

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Nancy Carpenter Assoc. Prof./Chemistry Barry McQuarrie Assist. Prof./Mathematics
Christopher Cole Assoc. Prof./Biology Tim Soderberg Assist. Prof./Chemistry
Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain Assoc. Prof./Psychology Kathryn Klopfleisch Program Coordinator/Academic Assistance Center
Nic McPhee Professor/Computer Science Janet Kinney Instructor/Computer Science
Bert Ahern Professor/History Cyrus Bina Assoc. Prof./Econ/Mgmt

FEP 2000-01

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Bart Finzel Prof./Econ & Mgmt Stephen V. Burks Assist Prof./Econ & Mgmt
Pieranna Garavaso Prof./Philosophy Stacey Parker Aronson Assist. Prof./Spanish
Jon Anderson Prof./Statistics Keith A. Brugger Assist. Prof./Geology
Ishityaque Haji Prof./Philosophy Tim O’Keefe Assist. Prof./Philosophy
Christopher Cole Prof./Biology David Roberts Assist. Prof./Mathematics
Matthew Senior Prof./French James Wojtaszek Assist. Prof./Spanish

FEP 1999–2000

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Edith Borchardt Assoc. Prof./German Jenifer Cushman Assist Prof/German & Russian
Van Gooch Prof./Biology James Flaten Assist. Prof./Physics
Jon Anderson Assoc. Prof./Mathematics Carol Fung-Kee-Fung Assist. Prof./Chemistry
Jenny Nellis Prof./Studio Art John Hitchcock Assist. Prof./Studio Art

FEP 1998–1999

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Roland Guyotte Prof./History Paula O’Loughlin Assist. Prof./Political Science
Jack Imholte Prof./History Seung-Ho Joo Assist. Prof./Political Science
Bart Finzel Prof./Econ & Mgmt Joe Timmerman Assist. Prof./Econ & Mgmt

FEP 1997–1998

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Jim Van Alstine Prof./Geology Tracey Anderson Assist. Prof./Biology
Dwight Purdy Prof./English Ty Buckman Assist. Prof./English
Sam Schuman Prof. English Dimitra Giannuli Assist. Prof. /History
Nancy Carpenter Prof./Chemistry Scott Lewandowski Assist. Prof./Computer Science
Jenny Nellis Prof./Studio Art Julie Patterson-Pratt Assist. Prof./Theatre Arts

FEP 1996-1997

Mentor Rank/Discipline Mentee Rank/Discipline
Fred Peterson Prof./Art History Jasmin Cyril Assistant Professor of Art History
Pieranna Garavaso Prof./Philosophy Pareena Lawrence Assistant Professor of Economics
Van Gooch Prof./Biology Leslie Meek Assistant Professor of Psychology
Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain Prof./Psychology Greg Thorson Assistant Professor of Political Science