Finance Committee


The Finance Committee consists of twelve members:

  • four faculty
  • one P&A staff
  • two USA staff
  • two students
  • the UMM representative to the Senate Committee on Finance and Planning
  • two non-voting members
    • the vice chancellor of finance and facilities
    • one division chair


The Finance Committee reviews the annual campus budget and advises the chancellor on the formation of budgetary proposals. The committee considers the allocation of financial resources to and within the campus and examines the financial impact of all major proposals and policy initiatives. The committee reviews and recommends policies on financial management within the Morris campus. It monitors deficits, reserves, and endowments.


  • Brad Deane, Chair (2nd term 2019-22)
  • Jon Anderson (1st term 2018-21)
  • Angela Hume (1st term 2020-22)
  • Roger Rose (2nd term 2020-23)


  • Naomi Skulan (2nd term 2018-21)


  • TBD (1st term 2020-23)
  • TBD (1st term 2020-23)


  • Cole Maxwell (1st term 2020-21)
  • TBD (1st term 2020-21)

Senate Committe on Finance and Planning

  • Bart Finzel


  • Bryan Herrmann (Vice Chancellor of Finance and Facilities)
  • Peh Ng (Division chair)