Instructional Technology Mentoring Program (2000-2004)

This program was a component of the Bush Foundation funded project, Enhancing Student Learning through Innovative Teaching and Technology Strategies.

The Instructional Technology Mentoring Program operated as something of a “reverse” mentorship in which a senior faculty member sought mentorship in computer-based instructional technology skills by a non-tenured faculty member. The junior faculty member assisted the more experienced colleague with identifying and designing computer-based teaching methods appropriate to the professor’s instructional goals. This involved assistance with web pages, discussion boards, web-based learning projects, etc. At the same time, the senior faculty member worked with the non-tenured colleague on issues such as effective teaching practices, progress toward promotion and tenure, and becoming integrated into UMM’s teaching, research and service mission. Each participant received a $500 stipend for professional development purposes. Stipends could be used for the purchase of software, hardware, print materials, and teaching.


Bush IT Mentorship 2003–2004

Mentor, Rank/Discipline Mentee, Rank/Discipline
Pieranna Garavaso, Prof./Philosophy Siobhan Bremer, Art
Farah Gilanshaw, Assoc. Prof./Sociology Tammy Berberi, French/LTC Director (Tenure-Track)
Wendel Cox, Assist. Prof./History Bert Ahern, Prof./History
Matthew Len Keeler, Assist. Prof./Physics Gordon McIntosh, Assoc. Prof./Physics
Chris Lee, Assist. Prof./Political Science Greg Thorson, Assoc. Prof./Political Science

Bush IT Mentorship 2002–2003

Mentor, Rank/Discipline Mentee, Rank/Discipline
Tim O’Keefe, Assist. Prof./Philosophy Ishityaque Haji, Prof./Philosophy
Minh Vo, Instructor/Econ & Mgmt Pareena Lawrence, Assoc. Prof./Economics
Jennie Joiner, Instructor/English Stacey Parker Aronson, Assist. Prof./Spanish

Bush IT Mentorship 2001–2002

Mentor, Rank/Discipline Mentee, Rank/Discipline
Roland Guyotte, Prof./History Paul Myers, Assist. Prof/Biology