International Programs Committee


The International Programs Committee consists of twelve members:

  • Four faculty
  • One P&A staff
  • Four students (including at least one international student)
  • Advisor for Study Abroad
  • One USA staff
  • One ex officio, non-voting member—the Coordinator of International Student Programs


The International Programs Committee:

  • helps develop international policy for the campus
  • oversees international programs and activities
  • serves as liaison between this campus and the Office of International Programs on the Twin Cities campus

—from the UMM Constitution and By-Laws


  • Viktor Berberi (1st term 2014-17)
  • Joe Alia (1st term 2015-18)
  • Sheri Breen (1st term 2014-17)
  • Jimmy Schryver (1s term 2015-18)


  • Leslie Gubash (1st term 2014-17)


  • Stephanie Ferrian (1st term 2014-17)


  • Fiona Wu (1st term 2016-17)
  • Karyssa Scheck
  • Ashiqul Alam (Salvi) (1st term 2016-17)
  • Jiaying Song (Gara) (1st term 2016-17)

Study Abroad Advisor

  • to be determined

Ex officio

  • Raymond Lagasse (Coordinator, International Programs)

Grant Application Forms

The International Programs Committee disburses grant funds in four separate pots.

Study abroad scholarships 

International Curriculum Development Grants

For courses on-campus
For courses off-campus

Extra-curricular international programming grants