International Programs Committee


The International Programs Committee consists of twelve members:

  • four faculty
  • one P&A staff
  • four students (including at least one international student)
  • advisor for Study Abroad
  • one USA staff
  • one non-voting member
    • the coordinator of International Student Programs


The International Programs Committee helps develop international policy for the campus and oversees international programs and activities. It serves as liaison between this campus and the Office of International Programs on the Twin Cities campus.


  • Joe Alia, chair (2nd term 2018-21)
  • Sheri Breen (2nd term 2017-20)
  • Emily Bruce (1st term 2018-21)
  • Barbara Burke (1st term 2017-20)


  • Devon Johnson (1st term 2017-20)


  • Stephanie Ferrian (2nd term 2017-20)


  • TBD (1st term 2018-19)
  • TBD (1st term 2018-19)
  • TBD (1st term 2018-19)
  • TBD (2nd term 2018-19)

Study Abroad Advisor

  • TBD


  • Raymond Lagasse (Coordinator, International Programs)

Grant Application Forms

The International Programs Committee disburses grant funds in four separate pots.

Study abroad scholarships

International Curriculum Development Grants

For courses on-campus
For courses off-campus

Extra-curricular international programming grants