Scholastic Committee


The Scholastic Committee consists of fifteen members, including:

  • six faculty members
    • one the UMM representative to the Senate Committee on Educational Policy
  • four students
  • one USA staff member
  • two P&A members (one from the athletic staff)
  • two non voting members
    • the VCAA/dean or their designee
    • the registrar


The Scholastic Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies affecting the quality of education including admission, academic progress, academic advising, student academic honesty, undergraduate scholarship, and graduation. It has the power to enforce policies and to grant exceptions to academic regulations when the spirit of such regulations has been satisfied. The committee sets admission standards and evaluates transfer credit in accordance with standards established by the Campus Assembly.


  • Roland Guyotte, chair (1st term 2016-19)
  • Leslie Meek (2nd term 2018-21)
  • Nancy Pederson (1st term 2018-21)
  • Chris Atkinson for Merc Chasman (2018-19 leave) (2nd term 2017-20)
  • Bryan Nell for Alyssa Pirinelli (Fall 2018 leave) (1st term 2017-20)


  • Heather Pennie (1st term 2018-21)
  • Michelle Schamp (1st term 2017-20)


  • Emma Kloos (2nd term 2018-21)


  • Elizabeth Abler (1st term 2018-19)
  • Esmira Alieva (1st term 2018-19)
  • Mitch Scanlan (1st term 2018-19
  • Parker Smith (1st term 2018-19)

Senate Committee on Educational Policy

  • Jennifer Goodnough


  • Brenda Boever (Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs designee)
  • Judy Korn (Registrar)