United Staff Association (USA)

The Morris Campus United Staff Association (USA) includes:

  • AFSCME clerical/technical staff
  • Civil Service employees
  • Teamsters

USA consists of approximately 250 members and serves all areas of the Morris campus.


  • To facilitate USA staff participation in matters pertaining to staff (excluding matters covered by bargaining unit contracts or civil service rules, e.g., salaries, benefits, and grievances); to promote active involvement in institutional aims, pursuits, and activities; and to encourage personal and professional development of staff members in the University community.
  • To develop and promote educational programming of benefit to USA employees and to organize activities reflecting the variety of interests of staff members
  • To serve as the vehicle for informing USA staff of the ongoing programs and objectives of Morris
  • To share with faculty and students common obligation and dedication to the fulfillment of the educational goals and purposes of the University of Minnesota, Morris, in conjuction with the total University

Agenda - April 12, 2017   

Minutes - November 9, 2016 

USA Committees, Constituions and Award Recipients

USA Constitution
USA Constitution 1993-2011
2015-16 Committees/Officers

*Mary Martelle Award winners, staff
*Outstanding Service Awards
*Scholarship information & application

Cards and money

UMM Employees

Seniority rosters
Paycheck info (under Pay Statement)
Paycheck info BEFORE March 2011 
UMTC Human Resources site
The Workload Management Form


AFSCME Local 3800 website                                                                          
AFSCME Contract                                                                 
AFSCME Tech contract

Civil Service

Civil Service Committee

Civil Service Rules


Teamster contract

Historical Material

Some material previously maintained online, including disbanded committee documents, search committee materials, budget taskforce items, or accreditation files, may be accessed with assistance from library personnel.

Orig. Constitution Page 1

Orig. Constitution Page 2

Orig. Constitution Page 3

11/30/93 minutes ratifying constitution. 

2003-04 Committee Preference results

2001-02 and 2002-03 Committee Reports

Download of Superviser Review Draft

Fall 2000 USA Halloween Party

2001-02 committees/officers
2002-03 committees/officers.
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